Dental Cleanings for Adults and Children

Preventative Dental Care in Lawrence, KS

Routine Dental Cleanings in Lawrence, KS - River Rock Family DentalYou likely know that regular, professional dental cleanings are crucial for cavity prevention and a beautiful smile. However, many patients don’t realize that these cleanings are also vital for healthy gums and your overall health. Gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss and has been definitively linked to a higher risk of stroke, cardiovascular disease, and other serious medical conditions. In fact, recent studies suggest that some cases of Alzheimer’s disease may be connected with gum infections.

During your semi-annual cleaning, our team meticulously cleanses your mouth, going where a toothbrush and dental floss can’t reach. We also inspect your mouth for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, oral cancer, and other problems. If we do discover an issue, we can often begin treatment before a significant problem develops.

Don’t skip your regular cleanings. Your regular appointments are an excellent opportunity to ensure you have a healthy mouth and bring any concerns to your dental team’s attention. Please schedule your visit to River Rock Family Dental today by calling us at (785) 856-8600.

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